dead week: the time of year where college students don’t sleep.

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I did what?

I just watched a 30 minute cartoon. For fun.

What have I turned into?

At least I was able to get all my homework done before I thought I would! :)

Also, why doesn’t Danielle have a face?


One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks) - One DIrection for Comic Relief Red Nose Day




mr. x is the “A” of the one direction fandom.

cryptic, yet does not seem to be ill willed like “A.”

i almost feel like i’m in a nancy drew novel.

yes, i already know i am a nerd.

just call me bess.


this video will never get old.


just a little fun in the yearbook office …

so …

Ol’ Swifty and Ed are going on tour together this year.

Justin Bieber and The Wanted are going on tour together…

What in the world is going on in the music industry right now? So many big names together.

And Justin, my dear, are you going to take sides in the war between The Wanted and 1D? How do you plan to stay as Switzerland when you’re going on tour with one party involved in said war? Poor, 1D.

rock me.

do you remember summer ‘09?”

actually …  i don’t. i went back on facebook to look at pictures that were tagged of me from that summer… and i really don’t remember it hardly at all.


el hormiguero.

That set must have looked like Ke$ha threw up after the boys left yesterday…